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Belgian National Remembrance Committee n.p.o.

Fides et Humanitas - Fidelity and Compassion

A non-profit making organisation registered in Belgium (nr. 870 005 074), by the Belgian Home Office (nr.145) and Ministry of Defence (nr.363), founded in 1972 by Belgian reserve-officers and Belgian and Allied War Veterans and members of the Resistance. It is directed by professional, reserve or retired officers and civilians.


To remember the sacrifices of the Belgian and Allied Ex-Servicemen and Civilians who fought for Belgium and for the liberation of occupied Europe, by organising lectures, conferences, visits to battlefields and remembrance ceremonies.

To increase the knowledge of the history of Belgium during the two World Wars, organising visits and delegations to the Somme, in London, Edinburgh, responsible for the Belgian Detachment in the international Liberation Parade in Wageningen and commemorations at the National Military Cemetery “De Grebbeberg” in the Netherlands, giving several conferences in Sweden.

We try to forward to the future generations the necessary incentive for continuing to respect and apply the Duty of Remembrance.

“Some events must remain in our memory.
Sometimes, we “have” to remember because we are “unable to forget”.
Then, remembrance is our “destiny”.
Some other times, we must kindle our memory because we “do not have the right to forget”.
Remembrance becomes then our “duty”.”

Former Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy.

This website is dedicated to Pierre Schellekens (1897-1977), industrialist, civilian and military pilot, War Veteran, and his spouse Martha, born Ruyssers (1895-1984), who founded and directed a secret escape line for aircrew from 1940 till 1944 and were therefore honoured with the Dutch Cross of Commemoration of the Resistance (“Verzetsherdenkingskruis”).

Food for Thought …

Board of directors

  • Mr. Roland Dezeure, magistrate emeritus
  • Mr. Jean-Francois Godbille, Solicitor-General to the Brussels Court of Appeal
  • Mr. Charles-Albert Houtart, Civil Servant at the Federal Ministry of Finances/Economy
  • Dr. Dirk Martin, Head of Archives at the CEGESOMA
  • Mr. Jean-Pierre Schellekens, Hon. Lieutenant-Colonel Belgian Air Foce (ret.), Chairman
  • Mrs. Monique Driesmans, Master of Ceremonies Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sponsored by the Military Command of the Region Brussels-Capital City of the Ministry of Defence.
In cooperation with the National Fraternal Association of Bleu Helmets and Humanitarian Operations.


If you wish to support us by becoming a member, there are two kinds of memberships :

  • Full member : 15,- € per year
  • Ordinary member : 10,- € per year

Membership fee to be transferered to :

  • Bank BNP-Paribas-Fortis
  • Account IBAN BE30 0014 4410 8011

Belgian National Remembrance Committee n.p.o.  -  Patron : His Majesty the King
Registered office : Rue des Petits Carmes 24/7, B-1000 Brussels  -  Secretariat : Tentoonstellingslaan 50, B-2020 Antwerpen
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Registered by the Ministry of Defence (nr. 363) and the Belgian Home Office (nr. 145)
Non-profit organisation 870.005.074 - Belgian Official Journal 26.11.2004